Ballcapp transforms your webshop to an mCommerce app!

Create your own mCommerce app based on your existing webshop to quickly respond to the expanding mCommerce market! Sign up now and receive an e-mail when Ballcapp is being launched!

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4 simple steps to your own mCommerce app

1. Create a free accountSign up and directly start building your app. You don't pay until your app is launched.

2. Synchronize your webshopUse our manual to easily create an API user and synchronize your webshop.

3. Choose a template or design your own appDo you want to change your apps design? Use our 'coding-free' online builder.

4. Launch your app for iOS and AndroidCompletely satisfied with the result? Launch your app to offer your customers a perfect shopping experience.

Offer your customers the experience they deserve

Everything about Ballcapp

The total mCommerce market is expected to grow to € 63 billion in 3 years. Create your own app to make sure your webshop is always one tap away from your customers. Use Ballcapp to easily create your own app and start offering your customers the best possible mobile experience.

Ballcapp's software uses your existing webshop as a blueprint while composing your mCommerce app. Your app will become a for mobile optimised copy of your webshop. The exact same content, with a better mobile user experience.

Choose one of our templates and directly start building your own app. Change a buttons color? Use a different font or background color? Ballcapp's online builder allows you to fully customize your app.

The Ballcapp preview app directly shows you the changes you make in your design on your smartphone. This allows you to test your app, without your customers noticing it.

As a webshop owner you'll often experience price changes, new products and products being out of stock. Thanks to Ballcapp your app is synchronized to your webshop. Every change you make in your webshop, is automatically transferred to your app aswell.

Administrative, logistic and technical streams are all synchronized to the admin interface you're used to. This means you won't lose any time maintaining your app.

Send push notifications to release your latest collection or let your customers know you've just launched a new sale.

Connect functionality to the location of your customers. Are they about to enter a competitors store? Is a customers near one of your brick stores? Use your app to send out discounts!

We love to team up with you and other webshop owners to make Ballcapp even better and develop new features, so your app will become even more valuable. As our client you are able to vote for new functionality to be available for your app. We expand Ballcapp with the functionality that is most voted for.

Your own app for only

25 /pmnth

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Ballcapp N enterprising entrepreneurs

We love entrepreneurs who invest in technological progress. That's why all early adopters receive a fixed discount of a whopping 50%. For only €25,- per month your webshop will be only one tap away from your customers smartphone screens.

Meet us april 24th & 25th at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam! Ballcapp is one of the winners of the Boost program for early stage start-ups, hosted by The Next Web and Wetransfer. That means we'll be present at The Next Web Conference '14 in Amsterdam.

Ballcapp is being developed in conjunction with Liberta From the beginning Liberta from Utrecht is involved in developing Ballcapp. Liberta is a full service multimedia agency that uses their knowledge to offer webdesign, SEO and application development.

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